Meetings with schools

26/02/2024 - Eventi

On Monday, 26th  February 2024, a series of six meetings ended at the San Giuseppe Institute in Florence as part of the "Sounds and Noises" project, proposed by Vie Engineering as part of the initiatives of “Le Chiavi della Città” promoted by the municipality of Florence.

The third year of the secondary school has completed a training course on sound and noise education, structured in lectures and practical experiences.

In the first lesson, the technicians of Vie introduced the definitions of sounds and noises, talked about the physics of sound, the auditory mechanism, the potential damage from excessive exposure to noise, and how to listen "safely". The second lesson focused on the fundamentals of acoustics and how to ensure the best acoustic comfort at school, while in the third lesson these theoretical concepts were translated into a practical experience of measuring reverberation time in a classroom and laboratory. The fourth lecture introduced the objectives and ongoing activities of the European project LIFE SNEAK and the concept of soundscape and soundwalk. In the fifth lesson, a sound walk was carried out in the proximity of the school, during which students and teachers filled out a questionnaire on the perception of the soundscape at each listening point. In the sixth lesson, the results of the questionnaires administered during the walk were illustrated and a simple acoustic redevelopment project of the classroom was carried out by the students, guided by technicians.

The lectures were accompanied by the viewing of the cartoons "Noisella short stories", available online.

Let's hope this is the first of other "sound" collaborations.


Questo progetto ha ricevuto finanziamenti dal programma Life dell’Unione Europea nell’ambito della Convenzione N° LIFE20 ENV/IT/000181