Three pilot sites in Paris chosen for their technical specificities

The 3 sites represent 600 linear meters of roadway in total and directly concern 1000 Parisians. At each site, approximately 200 linear meters of innovative coating will be laid after the classic coating: the ambition of the LIFE COOL & LOW project NOISE ASPHALT is evaluating three new road surfaces, with a view to their use on the Parisian territory and their distribution throughout the European Union.

Measurements and evaluations at the heart of the project.

Each site is equipped with measuring stations noise, weather stations and thermal sensors directly in pavement. The project will also assess the effect of water spraying on the

coatings in periods of high heat.

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The LIFE E-VIA (Electric Vehicle noIse control by Assessment and optimization of tyre/road interaction) project aims to address the issue of noise pollution due to road traffic noise, focusing on a future perspective in which electric and hybrid vehicles will be a substantial part of the traffic flow, and combine knowledge of asphalt and tyre optimisation in order to test an optimised solution for noise reduction in urban areas and optimise the Life Cycle Cost compared to current best practices.

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I-SharE LIFE is a European project co-financed by the European Commission under the LIFE Programme.
I-SharE LIFE has the ambition to evolve the electric car-sharing model, developed in large metropolitan cities, to export it to the province and to inland areas with low population density also verifying replicability and transferability in other urban areas with similar characteristics.

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LIFE ASPIRE will put in place a number of actions that could led to a significant improvement of sustainability of freight mobility processes in urban areas resulting in a reduction of polluting emissions and improvement in air quality.

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The National Sharing Mobility Observatory, launched in September 2015, is promoted by Ministero dell’Ambiente and by Fondazione Sviluppo Sostenibile. The objective of the initiative is to create a platform for collaboration between public and private institutions, operators of shared mobility and the research world to analyze, support and promote the Sharing mobility in Italy.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Life Programme under Grant Agreement N° LIFE20 ENV/IT/000181